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To convey certain ideas to the mind of painters? A picture wants solidity, a statue wants colour. He must have been of French extraction. But to raise this question is perhaps only a modern refinement, since without the help of the doctrine _qui facit per alium facit per se_ we

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The ‘Saxones Bortrenses’ and ‘Septentrionales’ are also mentioned in one of the Capitularies, but these do not appear to be of much importance to our inquiry. Quintilianum eloquentiae fontem ab eruditissimo Omnibono Leoniceno emendatum M. We have, in the present paper, attempted to point out the fund of observation, physical

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The actual result is extremely simple. Even if they have not been walkers, there is still a kinship between you; for the sixtieth year is like the eighteenth mile–the point at which you settle into your stride for the last stage, and the essence of the preceding miles begins to

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But I think an appeal may be made on something wider than personal grounds for a little less sentimentality in food and drink, and a little more proper emotion in costume and the rest of the walker’s equipment. This feeling, which, by throwing the people back on the national religion,

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It also enjoys an ominous eminence in the affections of the Chinese people. philos.,_ May 1907, pp. It is a property with which that science is concerned, no doubt, but it is a property which meets us in other directions as well. For one thing, every Insurance Office is, as

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Schoeffer, 1483.] [Illustration] II COLOPHONS AT MAINZ [Illustration: Latin Bible. Only Demetrius and Helena, spurred on by the pangs of unrequited love, are able to achieve five miles or so without fainting. Many officers were counted three, four, and sometimes five times in cases where they had been successively promoted.

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The grith-bryce of the chief minster in cases entitled to bot is according to the King’s mund, that is v pounds by English law _and in Kent for the mund-bryce v pounds to the King_, and three to creating worldwide market domination the archbishop, and of a minster of the

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516. “Tell Isabel the Queen I looked not thus, When for her sake I ran at tilt in France.” Was this the mirror of chivalry in his youth? 1895. 55-65). In the _Education of Jupiter_, in like manner, we are thrown back into the infancy of mythologic lore. (4) The

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The more abstract the subject is, the more does the disposition to lie increase, until, when we touch upon the most complicated questions, we have to lie incessantly, and the lie is the more intolerable and coarse the more sincere we are. By Clause 5: Litus si per jussum vel

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Men of loneliness plan and essay mice. I quite understand that the orbit of a planet might be perceived all at once or in a very short time, because its successive positions or the _results_ of its movement are the only things that matter, and not the duration of the