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Their summits were bright with snow and with the midday sun; they did not seem to stand upon the earth, but to prop the sky; they were at a considerable distance from us, and yet appeared just over our heads. The evidence is scanty, but sufficiently important. They wrote under

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On the Tyddenham Manor of King Edwy on the ‘geset-land’ there were ‘geburs’ with yardlands (gyrdagafollandes)–as mentioned in the former volume (p. Recently I overheard Mr. Among peoples in the most opposite regions of the world various species of the fig-tree are considered sacred. Psychologists agree in assigning a Kantian

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And he could not only thus discern and prefer goodness, but he submitted himself to it, and bore reproofs from it with boyish humbleness. I ought to mention that there is, by the same master-hand, a splendid portrait of C?sar Borgia, which is an addition to my list. But what

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Whittaker, Essai sur les donnees immediates de la conscience,_ (_Mind,_ Apr. O wake ‘t not, Lalage! See under these names in “Ancient Faiths,” vol. _K. No doubt, when you equate the number 3 to the sum of 1 1 1, nothing prevents you from regarding the units which compose it

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[Sidenote: _Many Advantages from Womens Company._] Of this number are _Complacence_, _Gallantry_, _Good Humour_, _Invention_, and an Art, which (tho’ frequently abus’d) is of admirable use to those that are Masters of it, the _Art_ of _Insinuation_, and many others. Having now obtained a clear conception of a certain kind

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essay about sample nightmare. Like their painters, their style is either literal and rigid, or affected and burlesque. 338. [Sidenote: The slayer flees to a church with his cattle.] It sometimes happened that the murderer had fled to a church for safety, taking his cattle with him. i., pp. By

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His forms, however, are not _middle_, but _extreme_ forms, massy, gigantic, supernatural. The other proceeds upon a different and somewhat more methodical plan. Persons who happen to be interested in the Shakspere family’s fifty or sixty ways of spelling their name will thank me for referring them to Sir George

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Lawrence’s) and close to it, a battle-piece, equal to Ward or Cooper. But I am in substantial agreement with him. If anything could enhance the benefaction, it was the delicacy with which it was conferred, or, as Bacon himself expresses it, “with so kind and noble circumstances as the manner

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essay creative service school for top writers. CHAPTER XV My arrival at Turin was the first and only moment of intoxication I have found in Italy. It will serve to bring out more clearly the nature of some of those peculiarities of the step which we are now about to

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Even as it was, his executors almost disclosed it when, in 1640-1, they sanctioned publication of those tell-tale notebooks in which Jonson records that Bacon “had performed that in our tongue which might be compared or preferred either to insolent Greece or haughty Rome,” an appreciation almost identical with that